Project list for Diningroom:

- Fix dip in east wall where wall heater used to be
- Paint walls and ceiling (Mr. O painted the room butterscotch. Nauseating. He even painted the ceiling. Ceilings should be white. White and only white. The walls I think will be green.)
- Replace baseboard (had to remove baseboard because Mr. O didn't seal it and it was starting to grow green fuzzy mold)
- Replace light fixture Replaced with chandelier on May 22, 2006.
- Replace windows (single pane windows that sweat pools of water during the winter)
- Replace window trim
- Fix crown molding (dry wall screws. WTF?)
- Relocate sprinkler controller to inside of front closet
- Relocate light switch for kitchen inside of the kitchen
- Replace light switch
- Add built in corner china cabinet to northwest corner

View out the door of the diningroom and into the livingroom on the right and kitchen on the left
Turning to the left, view of the northwest corner of the room. In the corner is the cabinet we had to remove to fit the fridge in the kitchen and the shelf that was mounted above the toilet. Hopefully eventually we'll add a built in china cabinet in this corner. It looks like there was one here originally.
Turning to the left, view of the southwest corner of the room.
Turning to the left, view of the southeast corner of the room. This corner should rightfully be labeled, "What were they thinking". In the middle of the east wall there's a dip that looks like someone tried to (ineptly) fill a hole left by a wall heater with plaster. In the corner, on the south wall, the controller for the sprinkler system is mounted. Logical, except that it has to be plugged in.. and there's no plug anywhere near it. Just another example of poorly done crappy workmanship.
Diningroom light before. What you can't see is that you could pull on the light and it would "stop" at whatever height you pulled it down to.. then if you pushed it back up it would retract. This isn't the light I want for my diningroom. I think Marc is planning to relocate this to his workshop.
Closeup of the horror enacted by Mr. O on poor defenseless crown moulding. DRY WALL SCREWS!!! WTF?

Diningroom light after. Since it was a floor model we got the lightbulbs with it. I've since updated it to have all 5 of the bulbs be the nice big bulbs. I think it is made by Westinghouse.

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