January 30, 2006

The five to seven year plan

The goal is to sell this place for a profit in 7-10 years. It's also my goal to gain valuable home-improvement skills that will help in future houses.

The house isn't in -bad- shape.. it does suffer from a lot of half-assedness, deferred maintenance and sheer stupidity. I want to tone down the stupidity.

Besides, a goal list is fun to refer back to. A good way to gauge your progress.

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May 9, 2006


Our house sits on a crawlspace. One plumber commented that it's a "nice huge crawlspace big enough that you can crawl around on hands and knees".

My expectations for a crawlspace is that it should be dry. It's under the house, protected from rain. Water shouldn't be going there. Reality isn't meeting with my expectations. Every time it rains our crawlspace becomes a mud pit under the house.

Water evaporates into the crawlspace air. Settles on woodwork, condenses on galvanized pipes. Generally doing the nasty corrosive things that unchecked moisture does. The under-the house moisture then wafts its way up into our living space. It's condensing on the single pane windows, dripping onto the wooden window sills and rotting the wood. We have spots of green and white mold growing on the newly-installed-by-the-previous-owner unsealed baseboard. We also have spots of black mold growing on the plaster of our un-insulated exterior walls.

Uncontrolled moisture is evil.

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December 1, 2006

Goals for Vacation

I have next week off. I figure if I make plans now I have a better chance of achieving them.

Things to do:
- Get final paint color for diningroom
- Paint Diningroom Ceiling
- Paint Diningroom walls
- Fix "3A - Wood rot, Front of house, rafter" from Pest Report
- Fix "3F - Wood rot, rim joist" from Pest Report
- Dig funky grout and caulk out of bathtub and re-grout/re-caulk

December 5, 2006

Starting year two - review of goals

Wow.. has it really been a year? One year ago today we closed on the house. Shortly thereafter I setup my five to seven year plan

Annual things to do:
- Schedule termite inspection
- Replace batteries in smoke/fire alarms
- Check/clean out gutters

Here's our progress so far:

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