January 12, 2006

Stretching the Kitchen

1 day without an ant swarm

I think the one thing I'll miss about the rental was the kitchen. It had a -huge- kitchen. Lots of counter space and tons of cupboards (granted, it was poorly laid out, the oven exhaust fan didn't exhaust to the exterior of the house, poorly lit and about 1/2 the counter space was awkward to use.. but it was still big). Our new kitchen is small. If you measure from wall to wall it's about 8' x 8'. That's not a lot of anything. It has about 1/3 as many cupboards as the rental. Time and money willing, there's a kitchen remodel in our future that will widen the diningroom/kitchen door and combine the kitchen and laundry area (more cupboards, more counter space, a second sink).

In the meantime, I can dream.

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November 20, 2006

Stylish Folding chairs

Ask the Decorator posted a gathering of not-so-ugly-you-want-to-die folding chairs... And WOW! I want that!

Mission Style Wooden Folding Chair Set $149 for 2 For sale at Touch of Class