June 16, 2006

Screen Door

It's a ho-hum front door. I dislike it because it's so ho-hum.. and because I'm too short to see out of the fan on the top. This means when someone comes to the door, I have no idea who they are until I open the door. Our neighborhood isn't totally scary.. but I'm not 100% comfortable with just whipping the door open at the first knock. Our next project is going to be to replace this door with something with a bigger window on top. I think we might do this on Sunday.
In the meantime, we added a screen door. It was a necessary thing. None of the windows on the south side of the house open.. so as it's getting hotter and hotter for summer the front half of the house (living room, dining room) is heating up uncomfortably. I really have no idea how the previous owners stood for it. Well ok, I have one idea.. I think I spotted an ugly metal screen door in the garage. I have a feeling Mr. O pulled it off to make the house nice for the sale.

I actually forgot about the ugly screen door in the garage until after we'd finished attaching this new screen door. Even if I had remembered it.. I think we would have gone this route. This wooden door is very lovely.. it brings much more to the house than an ugly metal one would.

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