June 18, 2006

Instant facelift

If windows are the eyes of a home... what is the front door? The nose? Mouth? No idea.

In any case, our house just got a whole lot more character. YEAH! A new front door. I'm giddy about it. Everytime I look at it, it makes me smile. How long does that last?

I know it should have been something I left well enough alone. I know when my realtor sees it he's going to sigh and shake his head.. but really, I couldn't stand it anymore. I needed a new front door. I needed it. I did this for me. Not for any future home sale. The gremlins made me do it.

The old door had a fan of glass at the top of the door. It was nice.. if a little boring. The biggest problem I had with it was that I couldn't see out of the glass parts. This annoyed the heck out of me. I contend that it's because the glass parts are set too high in the door. Not because I'm too short. (Marc says I'm too short. What does he know?*)

I can see out of the new door. It sparkles and lets tons more light into the living room. Hell, I think it even makes the room look bigger.

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