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Ho Ho Ho Holidaze

Posted in: Diary

Christmas came, Christmas went. It wasn't pretty. About two weeks before Christmas I got food poisoning.. and then my body decided that all food was bad. So I spent the entire holiday sick and not eating. It's a great way to lose weight... as long as you don't mind the not eating.

In better news.. Santa was good to us and brought us a tablesaw! Sweet! Count on the fat guy to generate lots of Christmas cheer. It's a Ridgid tablesaw that folds up on an integral dolly and stores really well. We plan to get -tons- of use out of it.

I don't have the pictures yet (my camera LCD cracked and I haven't figured out what I'm going to do about that) but in other good news a friend of ours, Gunther, helped us to clear out the nasty yucca around the house. It's all gone. I'm psyched. The house is really cleaning up nice. I wish I had pictures to show you :)