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November 28, 2006

Butterscotch bad, Avacado good!

Among his many and varied presents to us (note the sarcasm), Mr O painted the diningroom butterscotch. Not the lovely golden color of butterscotch hard-candies. No, he instead choose the color of butterscotch chips. You know.. like the kind you would add to chocolate chip cookies if you were making them with butterscotch chips instead. He painted the ceiling.. and the walls with this color.

As usual for the course he did a piss-poor job at it.. and the color before (bright mint green) shows through in places where he didn't get in all the nooks and cranies.

I'ts butterscotch. In the family of beige. Meaning it was ok enough to live with for a while.. but evertime I thought about the color it made me grind my teeth. Too much orange I think. I've intended to paint the diningroom since we moved in. I even got paint chips when Mom & Dad were visiting in May.. but none of the colors seemed perfect. I've finally decided I don't care. Even if it isn't perfect, it'll be tons better than butterscotch.

AND I'll get a white ceiling. I know designers think ceilings should be painted "to bring another color element to the room" but I think that's just WRONG. Ceilings should be white. White and only white.

We scheduled a Christmas party (for the 16th) and it occured to me that I don't think we've done anything notable (except tear down the front fence) since we had our Housewarming Party. We certainly can't have that. What will our frinds think? So in a fit of productivity (and because I have next week off) I decided we should paint the dining room.

Pictured above are our two paint samples. Note the subtle differences in the tone. The one on the left is .. um.. green.. and the one on the right is .. um.. green. Ok so the picture doesn't do the colors justice (isn't that always the case?).

Let me just say that we're going with the darker of the two samples.. and it comes closest to my vision of silvery-grey-green. Let's hope I still love it after we have it on the walls.

Oh, I also update the "Dining Room Project Page" so you can at least see the before pictures.

November 20, 2006

Stylish Folding chairs

Ask the Decorator posted a gathering of not-so-ugly-you-want-to-die folding chairs... And WOW! I want that!

Mission Style Wooden Folding Chair Set $149 for 2 For sale at Touch of Class

Resisting Temptation

I'm ridiculously pleased to be spending the Holidays at home this year. I don't have a horror of a family.. and I do wish I could actually be with them. But the first year of home ownership doesn't leave an extra $1,000 at the end of the year for buying tickets to fly to Montana for Christmas.

So this year is totally different from any other year. For the first time -ever- we'll be putting-up/decorating a Christmas tree.. and decorating the house and baking Christmas goodies (still struggling with this one... goodies are the polar opposite of "getting into shape". I may have to research Christmas goodies that are actually good for you).

  • Mustn't buy into retail hype and start Christmas before T-day
  • Mustn't hum Christmas Songs under breath for the next 6 weeks. Marc will probably strangle me. He's going to be horrified enough when I cycle out all of the current CDs and replace them with all my Christmas CDs.
  • Mustn't pull out boxes of Christmas decorations until after T-day. Thank God T-day is at the end of this week. I just might make it until after then.
  • Mustn't browse online stores for more "cute" ideas for Christmas. Really, 3 boxes of Christmas stuff should be enough for anyone. "Cute" ideas only end up stored in more boxes. But they're -so- cute!
  • Must find gifts to send to family before the end of December. I'm good at finding gifts.. and bad at sending them. I want to do better.. but that hasn't worked out so far. I have gifts picked out for everyone.. just need to gather them all together and put them in the mail.

For T-day I'm conflicted. I really feel an urge to "cook a full carcase of beast with all the trimmings" but I can't justify a whole turkey+stuffing+cranberries+riced potatoes+brocolli cassarole+pecan pie for just Marc and myself. I'm kind of leaning towards rockhen. Hmmm or maybe duck.

For Christmas we talked about having a party. That sounds like a blast.. but I'm having trouble finding a good time for it. We have stuff going on up until the weekend of the 23rd.. and it seems presumptious to plan a party for two days before Christmas. It also seems presumptious to plan a New Years Party for the 30th. Seems like we'd be in a lot of competition. Hmmm Must discuss with Marc.

November 17, 2006

From the heights of happiness.. to the depths of tragedy...

We can't remodel the kitchen.. but we can tweak the bathroom towards happiness. Mr. O (or some poor schmuch who owned our house before Mr.O) painted the toilet paper holder. It looked like crap. I've spent a whole year with it looking like hell.. and I finally decided that I had the ways and means to make it better. Behold:

Old Toilet Paper Holder

Ok, so I probably should have attacked it with paint stripper.. but I just couldn't bring myself to do it. The poor schmuch who painted the holder also painted the little plastic deal-y that the roll sat on. It seemed like a whole lot of work to strip the paint off of the holder when a new holder was less than $20.

At the same time we also added another towel bar over the toilet, next to the shower. It makes me happy.


Not a moment too soon. Just after I became happy, tragedy struck. Marc says he was home and he heard a "PLINK" and couldn't figure out what had made that sound. Later, when he checked the mail, he noticed that our front window had started to break. It started on Tuesday and by this morning it had spread all across the window. I guess I'll have to move that up on the to-do list.

November 15, 2006

When the mood strikes.. run with it.

On Sunday for some reason Marc and I were talking about gifts.. I reminded him that I wanted a vacuum cleaner (it was on my Christmas list last year.. and on my birthday list.. and was quickly heading towards my Christmas list for this year). The house has hard floors throughout.. except for the area rugs. We've made it a year without a vacuum.. but the rugs were filthy.

He immediately declared that he refuses to buy me a vacuum cleaner (no matter how much I want one). He said nothing I did could make him get it for me. Then he made me watch this video:

Driving home from Jury Duty on Monday I decided that damnit, I could buy my own damn vacuum cleaner. After a short and not-to-be-discussed adventure (in which I allowed my temper to get the better of me and ended up calling a guy a "skinny prick") I found a nice bagless one at Target.

When I got home I assembled it.. and then vacuumed the front area rug. OOOOO! Happiness in the shape of a vacuum. Thrilled I went into the bedroom and vacuumed the area rug under the bed. Practical convulsions from joy. But... the dirty clothes hamper was running over. How could I revel in the happiness that is clean rugs if dirty clothes were running over onto them?

So I did the laundry. How could I fold laundry on a dirty bed? So I changed the bedsheets and washed the pillows... and dusted the side-tables and dusted the front room... and cleared clutter from the front of his closet... and rearranged the clothes in his closet... and put away the fabric bins... and de-cluttered the sewing room.

I guess I was just in the mood.