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The little things

Posted in: Northeast Bedroom
Sometimes it's just the littlest things that really make you happy. Yesterday Marc installed the curtain hardware for the bedroom. I still need to sew the curtains but just having the hardware up is a warm fuzzy step in the right direction.

Late last night I went around to our bedroom and bathroom doors and installed doorstops like the one shown here (brushed nickle in the bathroom, oiled bronze Antique Brass in the bedrooms). Just this one little thing gave me a warm glow of accomplishment.

"There! Now I've done something tonight on the house". Forget for a minute that there are 1000 other things to do and that some of them are way more important than door stops. Just one tiny little 10 minute installation and I'm -right- with the universe. I wish it was always that easy.



I hear you about the little things making you feel all fuzzy inside, hehe! I wish all of our projects were that easy:) They make oil rubbed bronze doorstops? Cool! Where did you get yours, if you don't mind my asking? Thanks!

All of the doorstops were bought from HomeDepot.

I'm the same way - and the devil is in the details, so those little things add up to one perfect house ;)

Ok, I'm a doof. The bedroom doorstops are "antique brass" not "oil rubbed bronze". I have no idea why I brain-farted like that. Sorry to be misleading.

Hehe, that ok! That gave me an idea, though, for when we install doorstops. They could easily be painted with bronze metal paint and no one would ever know the difference!

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