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Tears of Joy

Posted in: Northeast Bedroom

I'm exceptionally proud to be able to show to you (all my virtual friends and family) our first before and after photos.


Wednesday, while I was at work, Marc moved us back into the bedroom. When I got home, I was so pleased I actually cried. It was just so lovely. This is the first room where I've actually seen progress on the house. This is the first time that I've actually felt that there's some rhyme or reason to pouring all of my income into this house. If the rest of the house comes out as nicely as this bedroom... then there's actual hope that someday I'll have a "nice" house.. instead of just a pit.

Room: Northeast Bedroom
Paint color: American Traditions, Clarified Butter 3001-6B (I got the color recommendation from Kim over at One Woman's Cottage Life)
Ceiling color: Glidden ceiling paint (goes on pink, dries white)
Hardwood floor stain color: Olympic oil based wood stain, "Special Walnut"

Lessons learned:
- Paint the ceiling first, then the walls, then refinish the floor. We refinished the floor first and that made the painting work that much harder.
- Half-assed work isn't actually something that a home owner sets out to do.. sometimes it's the temporary fix you put in place that somehow becomes permanant. Sometimes it's the only thing you can do because you don't know how to do the project the right way. Sometimes it's pure laziness. Although I want to avoid all half-assed-ness, right now money is the biggest problem. All of the trim in this room is now paint splattered. The intention is to completely rip it out and replace it. Unfortunately, the funds just aren't there. So at this point it looks kind of half-assed.

Marc left me a love note on the closet door. Don't worry, it's the closet we're getting rid of when we do the Bathroom remodel

Still to do:
- Rewire electrical outlets (possibly add more)
- Add phone outlets
- Replace baseboard
- Replace light fixture
- Replace bedroom door
- Replace east window
- Replace window trim
- Add crown molding
- Add new closet (part of bathroom remodel project)

We also have a new addition to the family. Tiggy is a whippet puppy(AKC: Sylvie's Toy Tiger). She was born on November 28, 2005. She likes long walks in the park and snuggling. Her favorite saying is "Grrrr, aroo". She thinks thumbs are overrated and tripe is yummy. And she's settling in nicely with her new family.