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Get Color! - Playing along at home - Part 2

Posted in: Northeast Bedroom

Welcome back! (Did you miss part 1? See it here.)

We're redesigning a moldy, cold, depressing bedroom into a warm relaxing Napa-like retreat. So far we've started with the warm rich brown of the hardwood floors. To that we added the warm bright tones of the sunflower as the wall color.


Before: View of the southwest corner of the room
After: So much better. Just a coat of paint makes this much much better.

Now we need to choose the color for the biggest furniture piece in the room, the bed.

Choosing the color for the biggest furniture piece

Let's go back to our personalized Napa color wheel.
The colors of the Napa Valley
Starting with our floor and wall colors, I really love how they work with the red of the rose. I just keep going back to that. This would setup an analogous color pallate. It's harmonious and would bring a lot of energy and excitement to the room. Possibly too much excitement. I do want to sleep in here.
Another color that really attracts me is the green of the pine needles. Green is on the cool side of the color wheel. This would make it recede from the viewer. Although it's not the exact oposite, the green does read as a complement to the colors we've chosen so far. I believe this would draw the eye to the walls and floor and away from the bed.
I'm also really pleased with the look of the yellow. This is another color that would lead to an analogous color palate. I believe that the yellow would cause the bed to become the focus of the room.

Since we have two very active whippets who run around outside and then track mud into the house and right up onto the bed. I'm really leery of having a light-colored duvet, so 'no' to the Yellow. Just to hide their paw prints I'm leaning towards the darker colors. I'm sorely tempted by the red.. but Marc got me the loveliest green velvet duvet for Christmas and I found a green silk striped duvet at Target in the clearance section($149 marked down to $14. You've got to love Target). Since we're on a shoe-string budget..and because I dearly love green, I'm going to go with the green.

Fenris and Tiggy approve of the green on the bed

This color choice also works nicely with the bookshelves my Dad made for me a few years ago. These are a combination of dark stained oak and green. This ties the two colors together nicely. I'll leave this piece unchanged.

Stay tuned for more after this commercial break...



Wow- the Clarified Butter looks great on your walls! It's so sunny and warm and looks great against the white trim! We only just added some window trim to our living room last week, so I'm just now seeing what it looks like against white.

Great job, guys - the room looks great! And I *love* your bed! What is the finish?

Thanks Kim!

This is the bed my Mom and Dad got for me when I moved out mumble mumble years ago. I think it came from Sears or Montgomery Wards. It still has the original factory finish. It's kind of a mottled green. I'm pretty certain that I couldn't re-create it.

If money was no object I'd replace this bed with an oak mission bed. I think this, stained dark to match the floor would be heaven. *sigh* Maybe after we get a few more projects out of the way.

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