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Boxes and boxes and boxes...

Posted in: Diary
This weekend I finally figured out why we have no food in the house.

On Saturday I found a stack of boxes (4 of them) in the garage that had all of our canned goods in them. These have been lost in the garage for the last 3 months. This means that I now have a lot of duplicates. For a while I've been saying things like "Gee, I thought we had Pam." and "Gee, how on earth did I run out of mushroom soup?" and then putting them on a shopping list and buying them. Finally it all makes sense. We weren't out, we were just utterly disorganized.

At this point, after unpacking the boxes, I have about 10 cans of mushroom soup in the cupboard. It's not that I love mushroom soup.. it's just that it's a staple in my kitchen. Something you should never be without... and obviously something I won't run out of for a while.

To accomodate all this new food I had to rearrange our pantry cupboard. The good news is that it all fit. The bad news is that, well, I'm still short.. so I need a step to reach most of the goods.

Sunday was spent doing more reorganization on the garage. We're trying to get all of the stuff that should be in the house, into the house. Hopefully this will free up enough space to get all of the stuff that should be in storage, into the garage. We're also going through the "Great Purge of 2006"

The problem with the "Great Purge" is that I hate to throw stuff away. Deep (deep) down inside I'm really a green-y tree-hugger and I despise the idea of filling up the landfill with still-usable-but-junk-to-me items. My solution to this is to donate all of these items to "Ducal" (an SCA event run by KHTI in September that takes donated junk and resells it to the SCA populace so that someday the SCA group can purchase a permanant property for SCA events).

Marc -hates- this idea. He's repelled by the idea of storing our junk for another 6 months just so we can haul it to Ducal and give it away. I can see his point. It's taking up 6 months worth of space in our leaky garage. He suggested we get a storage unit for this stuff.

It just seems -wrong- to spend money on a storage unit for junk we don't want just to free up space in our leaky garage for the junk we do want. Just wrong!



It seems like there should be somewhere else you could take your stuff. I'd have a difficult time paying to store it if you're giving it away, but just throwing it away is hard as well...

Oh dear--and I've been stuffing stuff of my own into the Ducal bag that got left at my house...

Goodwill, perhaps?

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