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Assuming our roles

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I guess I finally feel like a home owner.

This weekend we went up to Portland OR for a cousin's wedding. I'm glad we were there.. but it finally occured to me that I'm thinking of all of our expenses in terms of the house.

"Ah, $122 hotel bill... that's the same as two gallons of paint."

Before we left I visited HRBlock (again). They did indeed screw up my taxes.

Taxes are no longer a wash:

+$6000 Federal Gov't
+$ 600 California State Gov't
-$1500 California Property Tax
$5100 net gain

This is -much- better.

Before, when it was a wash, I tabled all thoughts of projects. Nothing was going to get done. It was easy to just not think about it. Now, suddenly, I'm all a-twitter about how to spend it. Should we do the bathroom remodel? install the concrete pad for the workshop? finish the trim in the bedroom? buy new computer monitors? Run off to Vegas for a wild weekend?

I think when all is said and done we're going to spend a little bit on fixing the garage roof and re-doing the house electrical.. and then save the rest. I know. Kinda Boring. But hopefully it'll keep us from bouncing checks.

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