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The five to seven year plan

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The goal is to sell this place for a profit in 7-10 years. It's also my goal to gain valuable home-improvement skills that will help in future houses.

The house isn't in -bad- shape.. it does suffer from a lot of half-assedness, deferred maintenance and sheer stupidity. I want to tone down the stupidity.

Besides, a goal list is fun to refer back to. A good way to gauge your progress.

1. Bathroom remodel
- remove flooring and reset toilet with new wax seal
- replace galvanized pipes
- replace tile in tub
- remove backside of bedroom closet & convert into linen closet
- move vanity/sink to other side of room
- (opt)replace and resize window (12x60 transom)

2. Northeast bedroom remodel
- Refinish floor
- Fix electrical/phone
- Fix mold problem
- Replace window #4

3. Garage
- Fix garage leak
- Paint

4. Add workshop to back yard

5. Kitchen remodel
- Move water heater onto back porch or into lost-space in ex-closet
- remove back-side of bedroom closet.
- Widen kitchen/dining room door (add light switches to left of entry)
- Add can light over sink
- remove walls between kitchen/laundry area
- replace back door with a door that lets in more light
- Add drain under washer, recess water faucets, add fuse for dryer, down box for dryer
- move current exhaust fan switch into laundry area (move exhaust opening into laundry area)
- wrap kitchen counter around from stove-side into laundry area
- Add kitchen-style sink in laundry area
- update kitchen/laundry cabinets
- Add hood over oven
- Add dishwasher next to current sink
- Add under-cabinet lights and electrical outlets

6. Backyard
- Add taller fence around yard
- enclose dog run (1/2 covered)
- Add doggy-door from living room

7. Remedy house moisture problems
- Vent dryer to house exterior
- Add exhaust fan/light combo over shower
- Regrade around house to get water to drain away(esp. west side)
- Add gutter to back of the house
- Add on-site drain system to move gutter water away from crawlspace
- Add 6-mil polyethylene (plastic sheeting) vapor barrier to crawlspace (staple barrier to mudsill)

8. Replace/repair siding

9. Front fascade
- Replace front with door I can see out of
- Fix front porch(make it less slippery, add hand rail, make steps less horrible)
- Update front porch to more resemble bungalow
- Add Bougainvilla next to dining room window (balance out front)
- Eliminate pathetic trees

10. Living room/dining room
- Add sealed-combustion direct-vent fireplace to livingroom
- Trim doors/windows to resemble bungalow
- Add plate rail around dining room
- Update dining room light
- Remove tile & backer Refinish hardwood floors
- Replace Humphrey the cranky furnace

11. Northwest bedroom
- remove carpet
- refinish hardwood floor