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My Big Fat Greek House

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windex.jpgThe ants come marching two by two, hurrah, hurrah
The ants come marching two by two, hurrah, hurrah...

The pest guy came back today. Marc met him (I'm at work). Marc says the the pest guy "baited" the ants. He warned me that the ant problem looks worse but it's actually getting better. I'm not sure how it could be worse but I'm sure I'll find out when I get home. The pest guy said that the best way to kill the stray scouter ants is with Windex. Who'da'thunk. Windex really -is- a cure-all.. I guess this means that we have to buy Windex tonight.

Marc says he's already cleaned the ant carcasses out of the freezer. I'm so glad. I really wasn't looking forward to doing that. I do wish we'd gotten a picture of it first. That seems like the kind of thing one should post pictures of in ones blog. Ah well.. I'm sure there are plenty of future picture opportunities.

I think the camera is still at the rental. Hopefully we'll get that moved tonight. I really want to be out of there.

It's a good thing we don't plan to move again for another 7-10 years. We really suck at this. Through a combination of unwillingness, procrastination and overcommitment we only packed a few boxes. All along we said, "it'll be no problem, we'll just move it by the car load after the house closes". We didn't factor in the "new house sucking sound of death curse™".

You know. Here we have a new-to-us house. It seems reasonable that the last people lived here so it should be... well .. livable. We're two weeks into this and we're still having daily visits from one repair man or another. Pests, plummers, and heating mostly. But honestly. Marc spends most of his time at the house waiting for some workman or another to show up. It's not unusually to have 2-3 scheduled for the same time slot and yet have them show up in serial.. so he ends up tied to the house all day instead of packing crap from the old house into the car and transporting it to the new house.

The plumbers report that the house still has some of its original galvanized pipes. For those of you who, like me, are without clue, this means that the pipes are made of metal that rusts (a bloody useless thing for water pipes if you ask me (who thought of this bright idea?)). Our pipes are rusted. A lot. To the point where the kitchen sink wasn't getting any cold water because the galvanized cold water pipes were completely obstructed by rust. Plumber #4 (didn't get his name) replaced a pipe under the sink ($160). Last night we had cold water to the kitchen sink (yeah!). We still didn't have water out of the fridge though. Anthony #2 came out to the house today and at this point we have water coming out of the water feed tube for the fridge.. but no water out of the fridge. Marc is calling Sears. Hopefully this is covered by the fridge warranty.

There is a light though. The home warranty folks sent out a contractor (Rising Star Heating), John, yesterday about the heating problems. As is usual when you call an expert, the heat started working about 30 minutes before he arrived. I figured this was yet another circle of hell in the "new house ... curse™". When John arrived I explained the whole situation to him. He commented that the heater shouldn't behave so erratically and started checking things. I swear he crawled under the house about 20 times. By the end of it all he determined that the wire from the heater to the thermostat had a short in it (which explained why cursing at the heater and stomping on it caused the heat to start). He fixed the wire and we now have dependable (for the last day and night anyway) glorious man-made heat. It's a thing of beauty.



Ugh, we had an ant infestation at one of our previous residences. I feel your pain.

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