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Stretching the Kitchen

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1 day without an ant swarm

I think the one thing I'll miss about the rental was the kitchen. It had a -huge- kitchen. Lots of counter space and tons of cupboards (granted, it was poorly laid out, the oven exhaust fan didn't exhaust to the exterior of the house, poorly lit and about 1/2 the counter space was awkward to use.. but it was still big). Our new kitchen is small. If you measure from wall to wall it's about 8' x 8'. That's not a lot of anything. It has about 1/3 as many cupboards as the rental. Time and money willing, there's a kitchen remodel in our future that will widen the diningroom/kitchen door and combine the kitchen and laundry area (more cupboards, more counter space, a second sink).

In the meantime, I can dream.

I stumbled across the following while cruising the net:

Blum drawerBlum U-shaped drawer
A cool way to utilize the space directly around the underside of the kitchen sink basin more effectively. I can't imagine why no one thought of this earlier. The website I saw this on (linked on the title) suggested this little bitty drawer is good for storing cleaning stuff (soap, scrubbies, etc).

offset_plumbing_drawers.jpgOffset Plumbing Trap
Depending on local code, if you can offset the plumbing trap (and don't have a garbage disposal) you can re-gain a large part of the cabinet space under the sink. When you're talking about regaining what amounts to 1/4 of the lower cabinet space.. you're talking about a big win here. (possibly even enough of a win to consider adding a dishwasher in the remodel)

Undermount sink with extended work surface

I -love- the idea of using wood counter tops. I also -love- the idea shown here of undermounting the sink and having a wood insert to extend the counter space. I think it might also be nice if this could somehow be over a double sink such that you could leave 1/2 covered while using the other half. Something to think about.

Believe me.. in a -tiny- kitchen, inches make a difference.



I really like the wood cutting board idea. It would help alot in small kitchen

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