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Project - Northeast Bedroom

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Project list for Northeast Bedroom:

- Refinish hardood floors Finished on Feb. 6, 2006.
- Fix weird flexing near the north wall Fixed on May 21, 2006.
- Patch walls Finished on March 2, 2006.
- Prime and paint Finished on March 6, 2006.
- Rewire electrical outlets (possibly add more)
- Add phone outlets
- Replace baseboard
- Replace light fixture Replace with ceiling fan/light combo on May 22, 2006.
- Replace bedroom door
- Replace east window
- Replace window trim
- Add crown molding
- Insulate exterior walls
- Add new closet (part of bathroom remodel project)


View out the door of the room and into the (eventually to be demolished) closet

Backing up, here's a pic with the room and closet doors closed. On the right wall you can see the stellar job the previous owner did where he -considered- adding a second coat of paint and stopped after a 3 foot square blotch
Turning to the right, view of the southeast corner of the room
Turning to the right, view of the southwest corner of the room
Turning to the right, view of the northwest corner of the room
Looking up. The pathetic and ugly light fixture.

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