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On December 5, 2005 the title company finally called to say we closed. I actually had to ask if there was anything else that could go wrong. Really, buying a house shouldn't be this hard.

The title agent confirmed that we are actually closed. It's my house.. well sort of.

The seller, Mr. O & family, asked for a three day rent-back. They are simultaneously selling this house and buying a house up the road. They're going to be my neighbors for the next couple of years. If it wasn't for that I'd have said "no" to the rent-back. But I don't want to start out by being "That pissy bitch that moved into the O's old house". So those people still live there. *sigh* Hopefully by Friday they'll be out. I'm not holding my breath. Considering how much has not gone according to plan with buying this house so far I won't be suprised if they ask for an extention. *sigh*



Your long lost and recently GRADUATED (yay!)cousin, yes we have both made Kroger and Miller history! Nice house! Email me sometime, or I can give you my phone number. Its been several years and we need to catch up! :-)

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